Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm about 25 years too old to be admitting this, but my friend has invited me to a Twilight party tonight. I'm happy for a chance to see some friends and have an early evening. For those of you too intellectual to know about the Twilight books, they are vampire romance stories. Okay just typing that made me cringe, but I found them enjoyable to read. This year was an extremely difficult year for me and reading some trashy fluff was perfect for my distracted state of mind.

I offered to make dessert for tonight and chose this cupcake recipe. The whole thing looked insanely sweet, so I substituted a mixture of strawberry and red currant jam for the cherry filling the recipe called for. I thinned it out with some Quantreau to make the blood drips on the top. I wish I had done that for the filling because it seemed to cut down some of the sweetness. I haven't tried one, but I think they turned out sufficiently cheesy!

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