Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oregon Coastline

Oregon Coastline
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Does this one photo sum up why I want to move out to Portland? I just heard the term nature deficit disorder as a joke, but I've got it! This gorgeous beach was about an hour and a half outside of Portland. Everything there is a bit of a drive, but holy smoke! This is worth it. I was a magpie the whole time on my trip, but instead of picking up shiny objects to take back to my home, I was collecting dried seaweed, pretty stones, interesting dried seed pods, etc. Brooklyn just isn't cutting it for me these days.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh, I just got onto Ravelry's beta site and it's so much fun!! You can easily queue up your favorite projects, search to see what other people are making to get inspiration, see who else is working on the same projects you are working on, etc. etc. etc. It's a huge time suck, but a lot of fun.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


In case you think karma doesn't exist.......HA HA.

And because I know news stories don't stay online for long. Here's the headline:
O.J. Simpson arrested in Vegas robbery

Simpson was to be booked on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary with a firearm, police said. The district attorney, meanwhile, said he expected Simpson to ultimately be charged with seven felonies and one gross misdemeanor.

If convicted of the booking charges, Simpson would face up to 30 years in state prison on each robbery count alone.

I don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back in Town

After being gone for 3 weeks, we are now back in Brooklyn. We left mid-August for several reasons:
1. Escape the brutal heat that engulfs the city in August.
2. Visit our sisters and friends on the West coast.
3. Travel as a work/play diversion while Lindsay is out of school.

We left a couple of days after her camp ended and flew the week-old airline Virgin America. I kept thinking of how elegant airplane travel used to be. People actually dressed up in their best outfits to fly. What a far cry it's become. Now you have to drag your bags around along with your children. The security is spotty and seemingly pointless. My sister used the term "security theater" and I think that's dead on. There's a huge show, with great inconvenience to all, without actually making the passengers safer.

Tell me why we still have to take our shoes and belts off? It also seems that some of the restrictions have been kept to earn the airports more money. Why can't we bring drinks through security anymore? Actually, if someone is going to tell me about explosive liquids, I'll mention that you are allowed to bring milk, formula and juice if you have an infant or toddler. I brought on 2 large cups of juice without one question being asked. Check the TSA website and you will see that it's allowed. There was an incident a few years ago when a mother was questioned about a bottle of breast milk she had for her infant. I think she was forced to drink it to prove that it wasn't some sort of bomb making liquid. I guess there was a lawsuit, because the TSA specifically states that you will not be made to drink the liquid you bring for your child. I'm all for this, but please tell me why childless people can't bring liquids on as well.

I was shocked by the discomfort we experienced with Virgin America and was already to pen one of my letters to customer service. It seems as though this is the norm these days though. They charged extra for absolutely everything. They supposedly had food, but it was a tiny snack for $7. They charged $8 for movies and several dollars for "premium tv" I was half expecting to have to swipe my credit card to use the bathroom! Kids tv consisted of god-awful cartoons instead of anything decent like PBS kids, or Discovery kids. I felt that 3 1/2 years of brainwashing my kid had been undone on that flight.

We allowed extra time at the airports because I was actually bringing film. Remember that stuff? I don't like them to x-ray it because it fogs. So they need to hand check it. They are still encased in light tight foil packets and the TSA folks usually just swipe them with their little cloth and run it through their chemical sensor. Every now and again, I get someone who hates the world and wants to teach me a lesson. We had one guy in England deliberately take his sweet time swiping one roll at a time. I think he was hoping we would get all stressed out about missing our flight. The joke was that we had about 3 hours, so we didn't bat an eyelash with his power play. Other security guys offered to help him to speed things up, but he sent them away. Anyway, we allow lots of time when we fly with film. In the San Francisco airport one of the women started to open all of the foil packets. This isn't desirable because the rolls are then apt to get fogged from sunlight. I asked her why she wasn't just swiping them and she called over a colleague. I overheard that they were out of the swiping cloths (it was 8:30am). She then made a big show of inspecting each roll as though that was the approved method. Security theater!!

I will post more about our trip later, which was wonderful.