Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kid's Drawings

I've been working for over a month to organize a big fundraiser for my daughter's preschool, which we had this weekend. It's a fun event with a silent auction of donations from local businesses and families. The kids get to hang out with each other, and we have food and activities for everyone. We had items to bid on like Yankees box seats, gym memberships, a stress management workshop (I won this one. I think that everyone at the school was too scared to bid against me!), gift certificates to restaurants and stores, etc. I asked one of my friends to run this event with me and she pulled in donations from tons of kids clothing vendors, so we had a small children's boutique set up in the school filled with things she secured. She has a company Appaman that makes children's clothing, and knows a lot of other companies through various trade shows. We raised $16,000, which is a record for the school. I'm thrilled with the amount we earned and I'm also thrilled that the event is over, so I can get back to my regularly scheduled life.

One of the things we auction off each year is artwork from each classroom at the school. The teachers make a group project with the kids and they are usually really wonderful. This picture is from my daughter's classroom. Each kid did a self-portrait. I think one is funnier and sweeter than the next. Many adults try to make "kid art", but I don't think they ever succeed. There is something so special and honest about these kids drawings. Each one makes me smile. I love the one on the top left because sometimes I wake up feeling like that. My daughter's is the purple one on the left with the long hair.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Digital cameras for kids

Lindsay's friend has a little Fisher-Price digital camera that is specifically made for little kids. Its cute and indestructible. We got some of the photos that the kids took one day when we went to Coney Island and I really like the quality of the image. It reminds me of other toy cameras that many photographers have used over the years to obtain interesting/artistic results. The file sizes are pathetically small, so I doubt I will trade in my camera any time soon for one of these, but it could be fun to share with Lindsay. This photo is an example of one from her friend's camera.